Spoon & Pen Journals are the monthly journals designed to give us spoonies variety every month because each new month signifies a new beginning and a new section on our long and arduous journey.

After creating My Fibro Lifestyle Journal and changing the website to cater to all spoonies, I decided to create a monthly journal that offers something new every month. Struggling with a chronic illness such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, cystic fibrosis, diabetes, or any of the so many chronic diseases we have to deal with makes it vital for us to have variety in our lives. 

For those of us who get bored quickly, Spoon & Pen is the perfect journal to use each month. Each month has a different focus. For example, the month of April focuses on "Growth," the month of August focuses on "Mindfulness," and the month of December focuses on "Healing."


So, my spoonie friends, the Spoon & Pen Monthly Journals, will help you achieve your daily self-care goals because using the journal will allow you to track such things as your symptoms, your moods, the food you eat, your water intake, your sleep and sleep issues, and so much more. 

I am so excited about the Spoon & Pen journal because it's the perfect companion to take on our journey. I hope you enjoy it as I do!



Spoon & Pen journals create a beautiful connection between mindfulness and your emotional state. These fabulous monthly journals will take you into a calming state of mind making all your stress and anxieties lose all the effect they would have on you. These journals create ways for you to connect with your restless feelings and engage you with your thoughts.


Emotional Intelligence

Spoon & Pen monthly journal will give you the ability to understand and control your emotions better. These incredible monthly journals will be the outlet for you to process your feelings and self-awareness, making you appreciate the diverse experiences of yourself and others. Also giving you a deeper connection to yourself and your loved ones. Emotional intelligence is the connection between you and your journey.


"We can only open our hearts to the accepting pages of our journal because it's the only thing we can genuinely trust."